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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Red Barns In Autumn

Red Barn

The top photo is of a barn near Pike, NY. I drive by this one everyday on my way to and from work. It's especially pretty in the fall with all the colorful hills in the background.

The bottom photo was taken near Attica, NY. I spotted this barn, nestled up there in its' bright fall surroundings and just had to stop and get a picture.

Red Barn In Autumn


Nea said...

OH my cindy you find the most beautiful pictures to take, isn't NY stunning. When people think of NY they think of just the city, but out in the country wow it is so beautiful.

I love this template...where do you find such pretty templates?

Cindy said...

Nea- it is very pretty around here, but I bet it's just as pretty where you live.
When the girls went away to college,their names and states were posted on the door of their room in the dormitory (Julie Nichols-NY) so their roommates were expecting girls from NY City. They were rather surprised to find plain old country girls from Farmersville, who had never even been to the city.
I found the template at and I just loved it. Had to tweak it a bit for this but I think it worked. They have tons of them and some are so pretty! And free,too.